Tickets for the LEX Party! go on sale in 4 weeks – July 12th (or a little bit earlier if you are a newsletter subscriber). Everyone knows who is headlining – none other than Fan’s Choice award winner at the 2017 CMAO’s – James Barker Band. A local boy making good! Opening for them will be The Kents – another local band putting out some good music. But if it was just two bands and a stage, it wouldn’t be much of a party. So we’ve added:

  • A mechanical bull – find out how long 8 seconds really is!
  • A fire-eater
  • Some reserved seating
  • Track opens 1 hour before the music starts.

Enjoy a beverage, challenge your friends to ride the bull, and watch some daring stunts with flames. It’s going to be Bucking Bulls, Burning, Beverages, and Barker. Now THAT sounds like a party.