Junior Arts & Crafts Competition

Rules & Regulations

Lindsay Agricultural Society


The 2022 Lindsay Exhibition

President: Dr. Lois Batty
1st Vice President: Bev Fisher
2nd Vice President: Jack Kyle
Secretary/Treasurer: Evan Craft


General Manager: Harry Stoddart
Finance Administrator: Shelley Solomon
Project Manager: Shanice Sproule
Events Coordinator:
Maddie Carey
Groundskeeper: Matthew Searles
Campground Manager: Mari Bryans


Lindsay Exhibition

P.O. Box 752
354 Angeline Street South
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 4W9

Phone (705) 324–5551 Fax (705) 324–8111

Email: fair@lindsayex.com

Website: www.lindsayex.com

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Premise ID: ON4209355


Cover by: Ella Wilson Heritage Christian School (2021 Winner)

: Chairperson Garry Schubert; Tracy Ashton, Suzanne Barker, Jannah Britton, Joanne Dingle, Marg Dyck, Sandra Falconer, Tarina Koty, Emily McReelis, Kim Schoenmakers, Holly Smith, Connie Starr


  1. Entries may be made by any student at the Elementary or Secondary School level. Exhibitors may make only one entry in any one class.
  2. Students registered in an Elementary or Secondary School in the City of Kawartha Lakes can enter exhibits through the school attended OR enter online through AssistExpo at www.assistexpo.ca/lindsayex. Teachers/school coordinators are able to create multiple student entries using one login for AssistExpo. For assistance making entries, please call the LEX office. If a child is already entered through the school, please do not also enter them through AssistExpo. Students who are in pre-school, home schooled, and any other students residing in the City of Kawartha Lakes who are not entering through a school can enter online or at the LEX office. *Students should only enter once*
  3. DEADLINE for registration of intent to enter Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Completed entry forms may be faxed (705-324-8111), dropped off during regular LEX office hours (8:30 am - 4:30 pm), or submitted online through AssistExpo www.assistexpo.ca/lindsayex.
  4. Entry Tags must be filled in legibly with all required information.
  5. ALL student Arts & Crafts Exhibits must be delivered to the Commonwell Exhibition Building on Monday, September 19 between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Judging begins on Tuesday at 9:00 am.
  6. Large school displays to be set up between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Tuesday, September 20.
  7. Entry forms will be forwarded to each school. Additional forms and/or tags are available at the LEX office.
  8. ALL flower, vegetable and farm produce exhibits must be delivered to the Commonwell Exhibition Building on Tuesday, September 20 between 3:00 pm and 7:45 pm. Judging begins Tuesday at 8:00 pm.
  9. Exhibits MUST BE THE WORK OF THE EXHIBITOR and made SINCE the previous fair.
  10. NOTE: Articles should be entered according to the grade the student was in when the project was completed. No entry may be made in a grade higher than the student is currently in. ARTICLES COMPLETED IN JULY & AUGUST ARE TO BE CONSIDERED PART OF THE GRADE THE STUDENT WILL BE ENTERING IN SEPTEMBER.
  11. The Lindsay Exhibition reserves the right to open all entry tags AFTER JUDGING HAS BEEN COMPLETED.
  12. For all printing, writing, projects & assignments done in class, each teacher is to limit the number of entries to 5.
  13. Unless specified to be computer generated, ALL ITEMS ARE TO BE HAND DONE BY ENTRANTS, INCLUDING TEXT AND LABELS. Sample exhibit tags are available at the bottom of this section.
  14. While the committee will take every possible precaution to secure the safety of the articles sent to the LEX, the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting. Should any article be accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, the Committee will give all the assistance in their power towards its recovery but will not make any payment for the value thereof.
  15. Prize money will be distributed at the schools. If your money is not received by November 1, please advise the LEX office. Prize cheques for pre-school, home school, and any other students residing in Kawartha Lakes will be mailed.
  16. The judges reserve the right to withhold a prize if the exhibit is deemed unworthy.
  17. The LEX competitions will be held according to the latest COVID-19 Event Protocol approved by the HKPR Health Unit. All then-current COVID-19 health and safety protocols will be in place and all participants, including but not limited to exhibitors, officials, and volunteers will be expected to adhere to the restrictions at all times. Anyone who fails to adhere to the restrictions will be asked to leave the LEX Grounds and will forfeit any prize money earned.
  18. Exhibits may be picked up on Monday, September 26 between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. Due to space restrictions in our multi use facility, unclaimed items will be disposed of after 4:00 pm on Tuesday, September 27.


Pre-School - Grade 31st - $52nd - $43rd - $34th - $25th - $1
Grade 4 - Grade 61st - $62nd - $53rd - $44th - $35th - $2
Grade 7 and up1st - $82nd - $63rd - $54th - $35th - $2


1. How do I choose my projects? Projects may be chosen from the entry list available from your school, at the Exhibition Office or at www.lindsayex.com. Avoid disqualification by paying close attention to size requirements and computer use restrictions.

2. How will my project be judged? Projects are judged on neatness, creativity, and following the directions. Make sure you check the size limits and type of materials required from the entry list. This must be your own work.

3. How do I enter my project? If you are attending a school in the City of the Kawrtha Lakes tell your teacher you wish to enter your project. He or she will give you a student number and tag(s) that you should fill out, neatly and accurately. Pre-school and home schooled students must register through the Exhibition Office.

4. How do I fill in my tags? Neatly print the exhibit number and name of the project from the entry list, your assigned student number, your full name, your grade and your school on the tag. (Your teacher may have stamped the name of the school on the tag). Securely fasten the tag to your project and fold up the name section on the bottom.

5. When do I bring in my project to the fair?

- Bring school exhibits to the Commonwell Exhibition Building on MONDAY, September 19 between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
- Bring flower and vegetable exhibits to the Commonwell Exhibition Building on TUESDAY, September 20 between 3:00 pm and 7:45 pm. Judging begins at 8:00 pm. After 7:45 pm is too late.

6. If I have won a prize, when do I receive it? As soon as the prizes won by your school have been calculated, the money will be sent to your school and your school will give it to you. Be patient. This may take 2-4 weeks after the fair is over. Pre-school, home school, and prize cheques for any other student will be mailed in October. Cheques must be cashed by March 1, 2023. Any uncashed cheques will not be re-issued after this date.

7. When can I see my project after it has been judged? Due to COVID-19, the Commonwell Exhibition Building will be open subject to the current indoor gathering restrictions in September. For more information on when the building will be open to the public, please contact the LEX office or speak with your school representative.


Printing and Writing

Printing Grades 1 - 3:Writing Grades 4 - 8:
  • Paper size is correct
  • Maximum of 18 cm x 23 cm with 2 cm border
  • Not mounted
  • Round letters are to be round
  • Vertical lines must be straight and not slanted
  • Letters are to be uniform height, spaced appropriately, and have proper shape
  • Paper size is correct
  • Not mounted
  • Letters are to be uniform height, spaced appropriately and have proper shape
  • Looped letters must be open (i.e. e, l, f, g, h, etc.)
  • Dots on "i"s are to be dots, not circles
  • "White out" not to be used

Baked Goods

General AppearanceInternal Appearance and Texture
  • Pleasing Appearance
  • Appealing colour and visual texture
  • Appropriate size and shape
  • Appropriate texture
  • Tender, crisp, smooth, fluffy, flaky, creamy, chewy, or crunchy rather than greasy, sticky, rubbery, lumpy, tough or stringy
  • Colour: even and appropriate, free from streaks of colour
  • Appropriate aroma for baked goods
  • Free from "off" odours

Wooden Products

Technical QualitiesArtistic Qualities & Overall Appearance
  • Joints
  • Smoothness of finish
  • Regularity or squareness
  • Finish
  • Originality

General Crafts

General AppearanceCreative DesignCreative ColourCreative MaterialCraftsmanship
  • Attracts attention with its colour and designs
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Work looks finished
  • No computer use unless specified
  • Appealing
  • Functional
  • Suits the design
  • Harmonious
  • Choice suited to use of the article
  • Complements the design
  • Shows knowledge and understanding of materials

Pre School




Egg Carton Caterpillar

- Created from six sections of an egg carton and decorated

- Attached securely on the lid of the egg carton


Coloured Picture

- Colouring page provided on following page


Play Dough Worm or Snake

- Decorated

- Presented on disposable plate under 17 cm in diameter


Collection of Stickers

- Stickers displayed on disposable plate under 17 cm in diameter


Collection of Colourful Leaves on Paper

- Leaves to be glued and displayed on paper

- Maximum 31 cm x 46 cm


Octopus or Spider

- Using styrofoam ball as the base


Four Hand Cut Shapes

- Securely attached to a disposable plate under 17 cm in diameter


Open Class

- Maximum 50 cm in any direction



Junior Kindergarten


Junior Kindergarten



Single Hand Tracing Made Into Animal or Creature

- Presented on disposable plate under 17 cm in diameter


Finger Painting

- Using primary colours only (red, blue, yellow)

- Maximum 30 cm x 45 cm


Bingo Dabber Stamp Design

- Maximum 22 cm x 28 cm


Decorated Paper Plate Hat

- No larger than 30 cm in diameter


Crayon Picture of a Favourite Pet

- Maximum 30 cm x 45 cm


Collection of Related Items From Nature

- displayed in a six section egg carton

- E.G., seeds, rocks, berries, shells, etc.


Fancy Fish

- Made from a disposable plate under 17 cm in diameter as the base.


Open Class

- Maximum 50 cm in any direction



Senior Kindergarten

SK. Senior Kindergarten



Birthday Card for a Pet

- For a friend

- Maximum 15 cm x 25 cm when folded



- Fall picture

- Maximum 31 cm x 46 cm


Creature - Made from Recyclable Material

- Displayed on disposable plate under 17 cm

- E.G., straw, thread spool, paper clip etc.


Tissue Box Car

- Creatively decorated


Repeating Pattern Using Dried Pasta

- Pasta may be coloured

- Glued onto paper backing
- Maximum 15 cm x 46 cm


Single Foot Print Designed as Tractor

- Maximum 23 cm x 31 cm


Portrait of a Grandparent

- Hand drawn

- Coloured
- Maximum 23 cm x 31 cm


Open Class

- Maximum 50 cm in any direction



Grade 1

1. Grade One



One Cupcake Decorated as an Animal - Decoration Must be Edible

- Judged on decoration only

- On disposable plate no larger than 17 cm in diameter


Three "No Bake" Cookies

- On a paper plate no larger than 17 cm in diameter


Printing (English)

- Content provided below


Printing (French)

- Content provided below


Instructions, Rules, and Text to be used.

Keep your work neat and tidy. Judging will be according to the text provided. Allow for a border of 3 cm.
For printing: The round letters should be round; vertical lines should be straight and not slanted. The letters are to be of uniform height, spaced appropriately and have proper shape.

Grades 1 - 4: To be on lined paper cut so it is no larger than 18 cm x 23 cm, not mounted, using a pencil. If done in class each teacher is to limit the number of entries to 5. (As per Rule 12 in Rules and Regulations.)

GRADE 1 - Using Pencil and Printing


Roses are Red


Le Printemps

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet,

And so are you.

Je vois un chien,

Je vois un ami,

Je vois un oiseau

Dans son nid!


Cut and Paste Picture - Pets

- Using magazine pictures

- Maximum 31 cm x 46 cm


Decorated Styrofoam Cup


Sponge Stamping with Paint

- Maximum 31 cm x 46 cm


Birthday Card

- Maximum 15 cm x 25 cm when folded

- Not computer generated


Animal Head Made from Paper Plate


Disposable Plate with Cut-outs Forming a Collage

- Showing a well balanced meal

- Maximum 30 cm in diameter


Coloured Picture to Show Four Seasons

- Hand drawn

- Maximum 23 cm x 31 cm


A Playdough/Plasticine Animal

- On paper plate no larger than 17 cm in diameter


Lunch Paper Bag Puppet


Handmade Wand

- Made from recycled material

- Maximum length 30 cm


Original LEGO Creation - House for a Pet

- Inclusion of a pet picture or toy optional


Character Education Poster - "Showing Kindness to my Pet"

- Maximum 31 cm x 46 cm

Sponsor: The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Kawartha Lakes


Open Class 2-D

- Maximum 50 cm x 50 cm


Open Class 3-D

- Maximum 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm