Ambassador Competition

Why be an Ambassador?

Looking to get experience public speaking? Want to meet people from fairs across Ontario? Want to spend all 10 days at the LEX (for free)? How about 2 nights at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto and a weekend at the CNE?

YES? Then you want to be the Lindsay Exhibition Fair Ambassador!

Apply Below!

The 2019 LEX Ambassadors



Senior Ambassador – Elyssa O’Neil



Junior Ambassador – Caleb Dyck

2019 Junior Ambassador – Caleb Dyck
  • What attracted you to the Junior Ambassador competition?
    I have enjoyed being apart of the LEX for many years. I wanted to see all of the hard work that goes into making the LEX happen behind the scenes.
  • What is your favourite memory from the LEX?
    My favourite memory from the LEX is handing out trophies at the demo derby. It was great to meet the drivers and watch the action up close. When I was younger I loved entering my bunny into the Bunny Show on Saturday morning. It was so much fun to make a costume.
  • What is your favourite event/competition/entertainment at the LEX?
    I like to watch the tractor pull. I like the excitement of the evening and watching all the different classes. You can feel the power making it amazing to watch.
  • What is the most valuable experience you’ve gained from being this year’s ambassador?
    The skill that was the most valuable was public speaking. I had so many opportunities. It began with making and saying and speech. I had many opportunities to meet lots of people over the week.
  • Once you are of age, Can you see yourself running for Senior Ambassador?
    Being a junior ambassador was a positive experience, once I am of age I might consider it.
  • What advice would you give the next Junior Ambassador?
    Enjoy the experience, have fun celebrating agriculture in our community.

2019 Senior Ambassador – Elissa O’Neill

  • Are you currently attending post-secondary school? If so, what school and program?
    I just recently graduated from Trent University with a Bachelors of Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources. 
  • What attracted you to the LEX Senior Ambassador competition?
    The Senior Ambassador Program was one aspect of the LEX that I had always wanted to do ever since being runner up of the Junior Fair Ambassador Competition many years ago. I wanted to be able to be apart of many different aspects of the fair that I hadn’t been able to be a part of before, such as the Market Livestock Auction.
  • What is the most valuable experience you’ve gained from being this year’s ambassador?
    My most valuable experience I gained from being this years ambassador was meeting more of the vendors and people who come out to the fair.
  • What is your favourite memory from the LEX?
    My favourite memory of the LEX also involves my favourite competition/event and that is the demolition derby, specifically 2019’s derby. I got to handout trophy’s and watch my brother and cousins boyfriend compete close up. Such a good family moment!
  • What is your favourite event/competition/entertainment at the LEX?
    My favourite event at the LEX is the Demolition Derby
  • If you attended the CNE, what was your most impactful experience and how did you place?
    Unfortunately, I was not able to compete at the CNE during my time as ambassador due to the cancellation because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What advice would you give to the next Senior Fair Ambassador?
    Advice I would give to the next senior ambassador is to make the most of it! Ask to see things that they don’t have planned for you, ask to be a part of more whether in the community or even with the fair/fairgrounds! The year goes fast so make the most of it and have fun!!
Ambassador Application
Applications Close On September 5th, 2021. Good Luck!

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